Sunday, December 2, 2012

Photo Dump

Because it's easy and it's pictures that people really want, here are some fun ones from the last few weeks...of course it's pretty Darby heavy!

Hiking with Dad 
Thanksgiving in Utah with my sweet cousins Ciera and Torrey

Naked baby!

Ciena with her baby

Happy Cow-loween!

My little homie

We love bath time!

Since she's a girl, we call her Gnarbs or Gnarby

First flight - heading to Utah

Learning to smile

Hiking in Utah...her favorite way to travel

Living Room hike in SLC

"Z is for Zoe"

Gnarbs' first snow! Don't worry, we weren't out long!

Hunkered down during Hurricane Sandy power outage

Family hike Thanksgiving morning

Daddy/Darby time

Darby planking

Darby headstanding

Darby walking at 7 weeks

Now that we're up at the lake house full time until January (Doug is still commuting into the city most days) I'm excited to spend some quality time with this little munchkin. She's actually not very little...we went to the doctor yesterday for a little cough and she's 12 pounds! She never misses a meal...much like her mom!

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  1. You are a natural! I love that she's already hiking and planking. Although all our kids walked by four months but she'll catch up I'm sure.