Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've heard horror stories from a bunch of you mama's about diaper blowouts in public, and while I haven't been able to relate very well in the past, I now think I have a story to match or beat your baby blowout.

Once a week I drive the dogs into the city to take them to their old doggie day care so they can see their old friends and get some energy out. Last night, I picked the girls up and we started walking the few blocks back to our car. Zoe, pulled off to a dirt patch to go #2, unfortunately, she didn't get it all out. She started running around in circles, rubbing her butt on the ground, trying to get the "hanger" off. Meanwhile, Ciena is chasing her, thinking they're playing and I'm getting tangled up in the middle of all of this - on a busy city block nonetheless. So after watching Zoe unsuccessful detach the poop, I grabbed one of our poop bags and had to help her. Now, it's bad enough, that people are watching me do this, but the worst part was she must have eaten long grass on our walk that morning because when I pulled the poop, a long string of grass came out with it and was the reason it wasn't coming off on it's own. Once I resolved that situation, I realized she was a mess, poop all over her. When we got back to the car, I remembered that I had some sanitizing hand wipes in the glove compartmen, and had to use them like a mom would on the butt of her kid. Ewww.

I think I reached the ultimate low of being a dog owner. It doesn't matter how bad a kid's blowout is, people get it, when you are wiping your dog's ass on the side of a street, it's a little harder to explain.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Simple pleasures

Here are the simple pleasure that have made me happy today:

- Running by myself with no time limit as the sun was rising - on the first non-rainy day in what feels like months
- New underwear (in a dashing cobalt color I might add)
- The thought of a 3 day weekend on the horizon
- A night off without any plans (except the next bullet)
- Modern Family season finale
- Farmer's market Wednesday = fresh dinner
- Husband in town

It would still be nice to win the lottery, but for now, I'll focus on the little wins.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm getting pretty tired of these d-bag politicians using their power and status to take advantage of and prey on women. Yesterday a small group of my colleagues and I were talking about the latest developments in the Schwarzenegger infidelity case and the former IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn sexual abuse of a hotel worker in his NYC hotel. Regarding the Arnold case, one of the guys said "well, you have to think that Maria is mostly to blame - she probably wasn't 'putting out' enough." That was enough for me to blow my gasket, but I don't think it's all that uncommon of a thought process for a lot of people. Why is it that the public gives so much leeway to people in power? Men in power in particular?

It doesn't matter to me whether Maria only "put out" 4 times, once for each of their 4 children, or if she did every night. I have no tolerance for the breaking of marital/relationship commitments. If you're not happy in your relationship, get out of it, don't drag everyone else through the mud with you. What starts as a bulge in your pants, quickly becomes a disaster for your family. If Maria knew this was going on and she stayed with Arnold to save face, them shame on her for not taking a stand, but that shouldn't take any slack off of Arnold.

As for the saga with the IMF Chief...I'll let Maureen Dowd do what she does best. (I love that she has taken to calling Arnold, "The Sperminator"!

Thank you, I'm stepping off my box now.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Food on eBay

Somehow right before Easter, a bag of these Peanut Butter M & M's ended up in my shopping cart.

Somehow, they finished themselves and now I want a few packs of them to store for a rainy day craving. The bad news is that they are not on shelves any more since they are seasonal. Good news is, they're available on eBay!

Is that really weird/gross or is it just me?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Good trade

Instead of doing the 100 mile bike race this weekend that I had signed up for a long time ago, I traded it in for an awesome trail run with two of my favorite people (yes, I consider my dogs people). My legs haven't been feeling up to par since the marathon a few weeks ago, so I decided a relaxing weekend at home sounded much better than a bike race that I totally wasn't prepared for.

Doug and I ride this trail on mountain bikes a lot, it's a 10 mile loop, so on bikes we do it a couple times. But we decided to bring Zoe along and she wouldn't be able to keep up with our bikes, so we ran it. The best part are the lookouts and the stream crossings. (Ciena didn't want to come, she thought we sounded like crazy people, so she stayed home and napped. Lazy dog.)

Zoe being shy

Views from the top

One of many stream crossing because of tons of spring rain

It's weekends like these that I love the most. As much as I like competitions and races (particularly the way I feel when they're finished), it's nice having a weekend with no agenda.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What's Up

The week before and the couple of weeks since the Boston Marathon have been a whirl wind (it's weird how my life revolves around my sporting events..."before and after Boston..."). Anyhoo, it's been pretty crazy at work because we have been filming a TV commercial for the last week and a half and before that was the extensive work that went into the planning for the shooting of the commercial. I've never done anything like this, so it's been an awesome learning experience. I've learned that the TV/film business takes a lot of patience. We are filming two commercials simultaneously, each are going to be 30 seconds long. It took 4 - 12+ hour days to film basically 1 minute worth of tv time. I can't even imagine filming a 30 minute sitcom, let alone a full length film. Here are a few sneak peaks of the behind the scenes pics:


Hiking (would you believe this is Central Park?)

When you're in charge of the shoot, you can tell the talent that you'd like to see a shirtless shot (and they don't think you're a creeper!)



We should have the commercial on the air in less than 2 weeks, so I will post the finished product here when it comes out...can't wait!!

Oh and in completely unrelated news...did you see the royal wedding? More importantly, did you see his royal hotness at the royal wedding. Oh la la.