Monday, June 28, 2010


My wise friend Holly has been trying to convince me to blog about my life in NYC so she can “live vicariously through me”…she’s definitely going to be let down, because my life isn’t really that exciting, but Holly, this blog’s for you (and the rest of you that may have forgotten what life was like before kids).

I can’t promise that there will be a consistent theme to this blog or that it will always be appropriate, so I apologize in advance. Actually, if you have any complaints, send them to Holly, because really, it’s her fault. I’m inspired (and honestly, quite intimidated) to keep up with my ever so talented group of mommy blogger friends that keep me laughing every day. Hopefully I can be the non-mommy blogger that makes you smile every once in a while and not just add clutter to the already cluttered blogosphere.


  1. At last. Thank you for this. Let my (other) life begin. I will be your biggest fan. Love you Kel!

  2. Great! I'm looking forward to the great stories!