Tuesday, July 6, 2010

St. Thomas

When you get a wedding invitation to St. Thomas, you don't say no. So, I didn't. A bunch of girlfriends decided to go together, sans hubbies and boyfriends...no offense to the said hubbies and boyfriends, but sometimes girl time is a must!

Growing up in the mountains, I've always thought I wasn't much of a beach girl because I get antsy and can't lay around and sun myself (maybe the ginger kid skin is another good reason). But since Lindsey got married in Jamaica and now this wedding in St. Thomas, I'm pretty convinced I can be Karma Chameleon and hang on the beach with the best of them. I still can't sit still, but hanging out in the water can be so nice!

Here are some pics from the trip...I'm ready to go back...any takers?!

Half Moon Bay - Rehearsal Dinner

The happy couple - Meghan & Steve

We chartered a sailboat to go snorkeling all day. Go ahead, say it, "I'm on a boat."

The crew

We saw this little guy right by our boat...Rimora Shark

Magen's Bay - wedding spot

Mini dinosaurs all over the island


  1. I'm in! But I don't think I want to snorkel with a shark.

  2. Lindsey got married in Jamaica? Did my invitation get lost in the mail?

    I love all those tan bodies on the boat picture. I want to be one of them.