Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cellphone Rant

I'm at my limit with stupid people using their stupid cell phones everywhere for everything. What is our world coming to that you have to take that call while sitting on the toilet? No offense buddies, but if you call me while I'm sitting on the pot...I'm not answering. Maybe even more of a pet peeve than that is people talking and texting on their phones at the dinner table. I often feel bad for them that their dinner date is that boring. And, when I see little kids at the table texting their friends while the family is eating, I want to spank the parents. (I know...I don't have kids and it's probably nice to just have a peaceful dinner sometimes, but what about manners?!)

A few other major no-no's on cellphones in my book...
- Biking while talking on the phone...I'm tempted to hit you just to make a point. And those of you who do this generally don't have a helmet on, so I know it will hurt when you fall.

- Walking down the crowded NYC streets while texting, swerving all over the place...see above.

- Talking soooo loudly about very personal details. I don't want to know that he didn't stay the night. I don't blame him...maybe it's because of your annoyingly loud voice.

Also, have you ever noticed that if someone is standing somewhere by themselves, the first thing they do is grab their phone. This happens a lot in elevators...awkward moment. If I worked in the marketing department for Blackberry I would have an ad with two people in an elevator "typing" away with the tag line "Blackberry - making elevators less awkward since 2002."

I've often thought how nice it would be to just ditch my phone just so I could say that I am not dependent on it, but I am! Just this morning when I got to work I had 4 emails from myself. Call dog groomer, deposit check, call mom, book flights to phone is now my memory and I rely on it way too much. It's sad, I don't remember anything unless I write it down or email myself. Pathetic. And, I'll admit, I have pulled out my phone when I'm standing on a corner waiting to meet up with a friend...heaven forbid someone sees me just standing by myself! But, I'm making a conscious effort to not do all of the things that drive me crazy (don't worry, I have never tried to ride a bike and make a phone call)...I actually think that standing on the corner and watching the freaks on the streets is much more interesting than Facebook any day (expect for all of your posts of course:).

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  1. I should show this post to Ryan. He always answers his phone when he is riding his bike. He rides during work hours sometimes, so even I'm caught off guard when he answers breathing hard. AND then of course everyone else that he chats with he doesn't even bother mention that he is riding his bike and talking, so everyone wonders why he is breathing so heavily and panting on the phone. Lol!!!