Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Triple Dog Dare

My six year old cousin got in trouble in class the other day and had to fill out a "Think Sheet" about what he'd done wrong. Because it's small and impossible to read here, I wrote out his answers:

What happened? What rule(s) did I break?
A: I didn't do my work, instead I puwt a buwger on my frends librarey book.

I chose to break the rule(s) because...
A: I did a triple dog dare and thought I could.

Who did I disturb or bother?
A: Taylen and Jason's librarey book. And Miss Temple

What could I have done instead?
A: Do my work done and ignore any dares.

Apparently Aidan and I got the same gullible gene, because I always fall, er, fell for triple dog dares.


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  2. I'm stealing his teacher's "think sheet" idea. Except my students' sheet might have some other use of words on it.