Monday, November 1, 2010

Dirty Jerz

That's right...Doug and I succumbed to the ridiculousness of Manhattan apartment prices and just signed a lease in Jersey City! I definitely had my reservations about leaving the city (que Sex and the City when Miranda moves to Brooklyn...gasp!), everywhere and everything else just seems second best, but saving bu-cu bucks is hard to pass up. We ended up finding a sweet place in a condo building right on the river. And since rents are so much cheaper, we could be picky with the place. We got a 2bdrm/2bath with a balcony on the highest floor of an all amenities building...wahoo! Here are some pics, so you all believe me.

The foyer (what? we have a foyer!)

The view into the living room (Doug poached all my pics)

Purdy kitchen!

If you stay with us, this is your view. Nice sunsets!

Our view from the balcony (I see a mini garden and a place to bike on my trainer)

View from our roof deck ("I can see Manhattan from my house!")

Looking South from roof (and there's a hot tub on the roof!)

So, all in all, we're pretty excited about the big change. It will actually be a shorter commute for me to work and only about 1o min. longer for the Slug. It's unfortunate that Jersey gets such a bad rap, but I know I won't stop making fun of it just because I'm living there. I just hope I don't start growing hair on my chest and our eventual children don't end up mutants.