Monday, November 22, 2010

Virtual Tofurkey Trot

Who wants to do a virtual run with me on Thursday morning? I was planning on doing a long run, but it's supposed to be pouring rain and it would help me get out the door knowing that you are all running too:). I figured I would need a good run to get my head in the holiday mindset of sitting around (which I don't like to do) and eating all day (which I'm pretty good at).

The rules are:

1) Register in my comments section with your name.
2) Do whatever distance and pace you want - this is all for fun!
3) After you run, email me ( your distance and address and I'll mail you a prize.

Thanks for participating in the first annual "KJ's Virtual Tofurkey Trot", I can't wait to pretend I'm running with all of you!


  1. If I do a real Turkey Trot, do I still get a prize from you?

  2. Absolutely...I just want to pretend we're running together! You'll just get double prizes for the day!

  3. Then I'm in. I'll be here: Plan your run with me accordingly :)

    As you begin your run, imagine being about two steps ahead of a girl in pig tails. Now imagine her giving you a good old "good game" smack in the cheeks. Happy T-Day!

  4. KJ, I'm running a turkey trot as well... So my race starts at 8:30am and CKH's race starts at 9:00am.

    I guess you'll have to start at 8:30am and just keep looking back... maybe run for about 5 minutes, turn around, come back looking for me, and then start running again. Then at around 9:00am wait for you "good game" smack in the cheeks!!

    Hope that you have a super swell Thanksgiving day!!!

  5. im in. just got a foot of snow and more to come so ill be pounding away on a boring treadmill.

  6. Wish I'd read this sooner although I was sick in bed all weekend. Great idea!

  7. You're such a nerd. Too bad I am reading this now. But I did run 3.1 miles on Thanksgiving Day. Do it again next year, and I'm in!