Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Early Christmas

Doug and I try to see both of our families for Christmas every year, yes, mostly because we want to be fair and we love seeing everyone, but I'd be lying if I said that the skiing didn't play into our decision to get to Utah. We weren't in town very long, but we skied everyday and hung out with family the rest of the time, it was perfect!

We had Christmas with my dad on Saturday night and with my mom on Sunday. My dad gave me a new camera for skiing (small, pocket size), so we tested it out a bit.

Dad testing out Kelli's new camera

Adam and Brandon stopped by!

Kyle with Lola bean

Too school for cool - Whit

Utah has double the snow base they had this time last year, so we knew the skiing would be at least decent, but we hit the lottery. It snowed 50 inches in 48 hours and made everything a winter wonderland. We were having so much fun, that I didn't really stop to take many pictures. Here are the few I snagged.

Happy mama

Fearless driver

Game face

Look at that fluff!!

Pillows everywhere!

Doug the slug shreddin' the gnar;)

It's always to hard coming back to the crazy city after spending quality time in the mtns...I shed a little tear getting on the plane:(

Happy holidays from our family to yours! Unfortunately, we didn't get around to Christmas cards (with the move and our dog situation), so we will be sending New Years cards instead!


  1. Shredding the gnar!!!!! Nice!! So Jealous!!!!

  2. I love seeing pictures of the Frost family. So many memories to choose from.