Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Of course for Christmas I want world peace and a healthy planet and I know that buying material things doesn't bring either of those things, but it's so hard to not get sucked into consumerism! I guess what makes me feel better is doing about 75% of my shopping on Etsy this year. I am so addicted...I could spend hours typing in different search terms and whatever comes up is such a fun surprise!

Some of my current obsessions...

Great wooden jewelry

Bed side table

Picture frame

Garden for my new balcony!

More jewelry

So, if you're looking for any last minute gifts check out Etsy! And no, they aren't paying me to say that. I actually wish someone would pay me for anything I had to say. Maybe I'll ask for that for next Christmas.

Happy Holidays!


  1. I've been completely obsessed with Etsy lately too!

  2. It's all your fault Flora. I seriously could spend days at a time looking at it.

  3. I have friends who are obsessed and I've never even been to the site. But I love the drawer and that garden is perfect. Hmmmm....

  4. You couldn't grow a garden! I'm just trying to save you money. But the jewelry is totally you.

  5. Thanks for your support Lindsey. Remember last year for Christmas? You got me a small garden. I'll have you know, it flourished and I had fresh herbs for months.