Friday, February 11, 2011

Race Schedule

Barring any injuries, or any unforeseen circumstances, I will be doing the following races this year. I'm posting this just in case any of you are interested in joining me in any of them. I'd love to have a race buddy!

April 18th - Boston Marathon, Boston, Ma
- Technically this race is sold out, but if you're in the hood and want to jump in with me for a few miles, I'd love the company!

May 1st - Broad St. 10 miler - Philadelphia, PA
Doug and I are doing this race with his sister, her husband and their 10 yr. old son, who's an awesome runner!

May 8th - Gran Fondo Cycling Race - 108 miles - NYC (and NJ)
I'm doing this with a group of guys from work. It's the first year for this race and it's expected to draw 8,000 riders!

June 5th - Black Bear Triathlon - Olympic Distance - Pocono Mountains, PA
One of my favorite tris because it's in our backyard in the Poconos. Scenery is gorge0us and the bike is ridiculously hilly.


June 5th - Mooseman Triathlon - Either Olympic or 1/2 ironman - Newfound Lake, NH
The location of this race is hard to beat and we usually make a long weekend out of it. The only not great part is that the water is usually about 60 degrees, so it's not a very pleasant swim. But, we get to see our friends! Decisions are the worst.

June 25th - Seattle Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon - Seattle, WA
My mom has been complaining of not being in shape, so for xmas Doug and I got her a heart rate monitor and told her we were doing a 1/2 marathon this year. Her best friend lives in Seattle, hence this race.

August 7th - NYC Triathlon Olympic Distance - NYC
-Another favorite, and not just because it's easy to get to. The crowds are amazing and the course is a lot of fun. This race sold out in about 3 minutes, but you can always do the charity thing.

September 9-10th - Blue Ridge Relay 208 miles - Southern VA to Asheville, NC
9 people, 208 miles, what feels like 2,000 hills. Can't wait!!
(just figured out that this race was moved to this date, so prolly not going to be able to do Toughman this year.)

September 11th - Toughman Triathlon 1/2 ironman - Westchester, NY
- I did this race for the first time last year and loved it. The bike was really hard, but the run is half on trails, half on roads, so that part I loved. Last year I did it by myself and we all know that is not fun.

November 6th - NYC Marathon
As long as I live here and I'm able, I will run this race.


  1. What happened to the NH tri? Boo!!! :D

  2. It's the same weekend as Black Bear this year. There's still a chance we'll come up for it instead...we love it up there so much.

  3. JP...I made an edit to add that race.

  4. uh Kelli the Relay is Sept 9-10 or at least thats what im looking at on the website.

  5. In the words of your sister "Nerd Alert!" But I love my nerd...

  6. Nothing in the Vegas area that interests you??? Who needs Poconos when you have the strip?

  7. My parents are going to Boston to cheer on some friends who are running. I'll tell them to look for you!!! I'm kind of jealous of your race schedule. I'm pregnant and can barely make it up one flight of stairs these days. Sad story.