Friday, April 1, 2011


My treadmill is going way too fast and I feel like I'm about to fall off. Work is crazy and is only getting started for the season, the Boston Marathon is just under 2 weeks away (and I'm not feeling ready) and I haven't seen my husband in what feels like a month - his treadmill may be going even faster than mine. I keep looking for a light at the end of the tunnel and am not sure I can see even a glimpse of it.

When things get this busy everything suffers. My training has suffered because I'm not getting enough sleep and trying to cram runs in where I can. My poor friends haven't gotten calls back from me in ages, sorry girls:) My cooking is pretty non-existent, if it's not a kitchen sink salad, it's cereal or chocolate.

I know, cue the Waaaaam-bulance. Hopefully a weekend with the husband and dogs (and a CATS win!!) is just what I need. If not, I'm going to need all of you to move next door so I can come cry on your couch:)

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  1. Ha! And you'll still break records in Boston. We'll chat when life slows down. ;)