Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Marathon?

The Boston Marathon is in T minus 5 days and I haven't done one lick of "homework." I haven't made dinner reservations for the night before, so we'll probably be making spaghetti-o's in our hotel because all of the Italian places will be packed. I suppose I should figure out how to get from our hotel to the starting line - kind of important. And, Doug is coming, but who knows where he is going to be on the course with my food.

Sure, I've done the long runs and put in some good mileage, but I don't feel anywhere near ready...particularly in the mental arena. It wasn't until the other day one of my friends asked what my Gold, Silver and Bronze goals are for the race, that I figured I should probably
look at the course map and come up with a few acceptable goals.

In an effort to make my self accountable and not be tempted to sand bag the whole race, here is what I'm shooting for:

A goal = 3:35:00 - I qualified in 3:39:52 to get into Boston, so knocking a few minutes off would be cool
B goal = 3:40:00 - This would be my 2nd fastest time and I'd be more than ok with it
C goal = 3:50:00 - Still respectable in my book
Major goal = Finish - No matter how many marathons I've done, or ever do, this will still be my major goal. Each race is so different and some days it's hard to muster the energy for 26.2. miles, so finishing is still a big accomplishment. (It's also a good cop-out if I have a really crappy day:)

My sweet friends at my Tuesday night running club gave me some good luck charms last night. I think it was the kick in the butt I needed to start getting excited and getting prepped for Monday!!

P.S. Jen-a P...can't wait to see you in Beantown! You're cheering will get me through!


  1. Kelli,

    I'll keep track of Doug and make sure he has food for you when you need it!! :) I'm gonna have to hit up the arts and crafts store to make a sweet shirt!! I'm really excited for you! I'll try to pass on some of my excitement to ya!! :)

    Can't wait... just two more days until dinner on Saturday!!!

  2. Your C goal is better than my A++++ goal. Have fun!

  3. You rocked the s&$#% out of all your goals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing!