Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Last Minute

10 years ago Doug's good friends Dan and Gretchen got married in Santa Margherita, Italy in an abbey overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. I was still in college, but was able to skip out of school for a bit and go with Doug. This wedding was the most glamorous event I've ever been to and one I will never forget. Lucky for us, we get to relive it in 3 weeks!!!

Santa Margherita

This all came about because a couple weeks ago we got an invitation in the mail for Dan and Gretchen's wedding anniversary party in Santa Margherita. We thought about it, went back and forth "it's not great timing," "I'm busy at work at that time," "can we afford it?," "what are we going to do with the dogs"...and then reality struck. Of course we have to do it! They are great friends, they invited us to party with them in ITALY and how many other opportunities are we going to get to go to Italy on a whim? So, I'm working hard now to get everything done at work before deadlines, I've found a friend to watch one dog and Doug's parents to watch the other and we are using frequent flier miles to get there.

Our plan is to fly into Florence, spend a couple days there and then take the train to SM for the rest of the trip, (which is only 5 days). Florence will be galleries and city walking and SM will be beaching, hiking and hanging with friends. Now I have something to countdown to!

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