Monday, July 25, 2011

Cousin's Camp

Every summer, our nieces and nephews all gather up in the Pocono's for a week with their grandparents. They've been doing it since they were all really young, so it's something we always look forward to. Unfortunately, Doug and I can't be there all week to hang out, but we always catch the tail end for the weekend. Now the kids are 7, 10, 10 & 12, so they can actually play all day without napping, without getting too grumpy and are super competitive with all things sporty, so it's always a great time!

Since it was hot as balls out, we stuck as near water as possible. Our house doesn't have AC because it usually stays about 10-15 degrees colder up in the mountains than in the city. Unfortunately, it didn't work like that this was still 102! Definitely not fun for sleeping.

We did log quite a few hours on our paddle boards and taught the whole fam dam how to do it.

Doug's sis & her hubby

Anna (7). Already asked for a paddle board for her 8th birthday:)

Jami (10) & David (12) cruising along

Becca must have been too fast on the board, because I didn't get a pic...

Even Doug's 70 year old mom got in on the action and loved it!

We enjoyed lovely dinners by the lake as we planned cousin's camp next year that is happening in Kauai in celebration of the in-laws 50 anniversary!!!

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