Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pregnancy Pros & Cons

As I'm nearing the end (hopefully sooner rather than later), I've put together my list of pros & cons of pregnancy, perhaps I'll look back at this list next time we're thinking about taking the plunge.


- Not having to zip and button pants. This isn't a huge inconvenience in everyday life, but it's pretty great (and fast) to not have to do it. I will definitely miss this feature of maternity pants when I can finally fit into my normal jeans.

- Feeling the baby move around is awesome. This is something I will miss. It's such an intimate thing between just you and the baby that no one else is really aware of. It's like carrying a little buddy around all the time.

- People are so much more likely to talk to me now, I guess pregnant women are much more approachable. People come up to me all the time and ask about the baby, what I'm having (and 100% of them tell me I'm having a boy) and how I'm feeling.

- I actually think the bump is really cool and really bizarre...I've totally worked it as my summer accessory.

- I've never been more comfortable strutting around in a bikini on a beach as I am now.

- I don't feel bad about going to bed at 8:30pm.


- I must smell or taste different because Ciena dog hovers over me and licks me to death anytime she sees exposed skin. Lately she has taken to humping me too, which is so weird because she's never done that kind of thing. Ewww.

- It kind of sucks when you outgrow your maternity clothes. You thought you felt big before...

- Hormones.

- Obviously not running these last couple of months have been a mood killer. I used to watch other runners and be super jealous, now I look at them and can't believe I ever did that. Running was my stress reliever, my mind clearer, my me time and I've had a hard time finding something to deal with the stress quite like it. Crying has seemed to be the go to, but it's not the same as a good hard sweat session.

- I miss a nice glass of red wine every once in a while (see's a good stress reliever.)

- Filling out a disability form for being pregnant. It was pretty funny that the form asked how and where this "accident" occurred...umm, standing up in the Burger King bathroom? Seriously people...I'm not disabled, I'm pregnant.

- The bathroom is my second home.

- The random aches and pains that I've had and I'm sure are different than anyone else has experienced and the doctor tells me it's just par for the course and not unusual at all. Damn, some of that stuff hurts!

- 9 months (10 actually) is a really long time. It makes me wonder if women just forget how long it is and that's how they have more than one kid.

I'm sure in a few weeks I'll be able to add "labor" to the con's list and cute little smushy faced baby to the pro's list!

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  1. You'll want another one because you'll love this one so so much.

    Oh and p.s...take your own pillow to the hospital. I never forget one. You will rest so much more comfortably. The pillows here are like pancakes. Unless, of course, you can't fit one more thing on the subway... :)