Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day

Early Sunday morning, like 7am early, we were in the car driving down to Philadelphia. Not the typical breakfast in bed type of Mother's Day I usually think of, but I'm cool with that. We had been wanting to go see the new Barnes Foundation Museum for over a year since it has opened, so we planned ahead and finally did it. The Barnes Foundation is one of the greatest art collections in the world. It used to be in Dr. Barnes' house in the suburbs of Philly until the neighbors started complaining about the traffic and the parking on their streets. Also, the house (mansion) was only able to display a small percentage of the actual amounts of arts Dr. Barnes had collected over the years, so despite his will stating that the art should never be moved, a bunch of money was raised to build a new museum in downtown Philly to display his collection. Now this isn't just some foofy art...we're talking Cezanne's, Renoir's, Matisse's, Picasso's, Van Gogh's, Miro's by the hundreds. He had paintings hung top to bottom, left to right in every room of his house...all in a specific order, so the museum replicated that and then added rooms to display the art that had been stored in the basement of the original house. It's such an incredible museum and is totally overwhelming because of the sheer number of pieces in there. It is a must see if you're ever in Philly.

Mama and little Gnarbs

Gnarbs and Dad in the garden
Anyway, we got to the museum at our allotted time and started wandering the rooms. Literally 10 minutes into it, I could smell a blowout and then shortly there after I could see the blowout. There weren't any other babies there, so Darby was the only one to blame. After a messy change and a new outfit, we were back at it. For some reason Darby gets really excited out in public places like art museums. She squawked and squealed and babbled the whole time, which was great for us because people would clear out of the rooms we were in to get away from her, so it was like we had a the whole place to ourselves. I guess in their eyes, there's not a lot of difference between a screaming baby and a happy, squealing baby, but I would take a squealer any day of the year.

"Blah, blah, blah...another Degas!"

After an awesome morning and lunch at the museum, we headed to Doug's sisters' house for a Mother's Day party with his family. Luckily, the weather was beautiful, so we hung outside and jumped on the trampoline all day!

Even Ciena got in on the action!

I suppose a Mother's Day post is allowed to have a little cheese, so here goes. I'm so surprised by how much I love this little kid. I know people tell you all the time, but it's so true that you have no idea what having a child is like until you have your own. I may be a crazy person, but I even miss her when she's sleeping. Darby is such a sweet, happy and crazy little baby and I'm so lucky to be her mama. I hope she keeps her "joie de vivre" and spunky little spirit as she gets older, because it is infectious and has made me a happier person over the last 7 months!

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