Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Father's Day

I would be remiss to not mention Doug's first Father's Day, albeit a bit delayed!

Doug's family doesn't usually celebrate Father's Day as a group, like they do Mother's Day every year. So, this year I thought it would be nice to start a tradition and volunteered to host everyone at our house. Doug really likes hosting people, so even though it was supposed to be a party for him, he did a lot of the prep work with me. We wanted to make it a different kind of BBQ than the typical burgers and dogs, so we opted for fish tacos (and veggie ones too!), grilled veggies, corn, quinoa salad, etc. And sangria...lots of sangria!

Planning and prepping always takes a lot longer than I ever anticipate, so it kind of ate up the weekend ahead of it. We had 15 people and tons of food. Of course, I didn't take any pictures because I was running around (err, sitting on the porch drinking sangria). Here is one I snagged of father Doug and little Darby before the party. Darby wore her best seersucker for the event:)

Father's Day 2013 (with Darby staring at the dog)
Darby's gift to Doug was a crafty little book with poems coordinating with each picture. 
Front cover
Watch out Martha Stewart and Dr. Seuss

Don't worry, Darby's fingers aren't really webbed in real life

What started as a fun little project, turned into a 4 hour job. I'm not very crafty and was just making things up as I was going along, so it took forever. After all of that, Doug didn't even shed a tear. Oh well, maybe next year!

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