Friday, September 23, 2016

Summer Days

This summer was been such a whirlwind of summer camps, splash pads, cousins camps and lots of friend time. We didn't do much traveling, save for one big Western adventure that will be in the next post.

Darby did a sports camp with her best buddies for a month and loved it. The camp taught the basics to a lot of different sports. Darby's favorite? Bowling.

Best buddies

The sport of parachuting

While Darby was at camp, Calder and I did a mommy and me kayaking class on the river. It's hard to believe that he sat in the boat for 1.5 hours and didn't try to jump out, but he didn't. He was like little zen boy when he was on the river.


This was also the first summer that Darby was old enough to go to camp up at our house in the Poconos so I packed up the kids and headed up to the mountains for a couple weeks of nature!

"Here, fishy fishy!"


Fishing in only the finest, of course.
After two weeks of nature camp, it was time for our annual cousins camp at the lake! We are so lucky to still have this tradition going strong. It's getting harder to coordinate schedules with the older cousins who might rather be hanging out with friends and not with a 3 and a 1 year old, but they are great sports and we keep a pretty packed schedule so they don't get too bored. This year we went to the indoor waterpark, water trampolining on the lake, paddle boarding games, fishing (with a Frozen fishing pole courtesy of Grampie), ice cream nights, hiking and lots of cousin time!
Darby was pretty was I.

Pool rats

Swim suits all day long!

Cousins camp goes to the Jersey Shore!

Hiking action

Mama playing around on the board

Scoot, scoot Roo!

Grammie is the best

Summer with kids is so great! We lived outside most of the days and since we weren't traveling we had a lot of time at the lake house. I'm lucky that I'm able to hang out with these kiddos all day because it was just like summer when I was a kid (well, minus changing diapers and dealing with a 3 year old girls' mood swings.)

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