Saturday, August 28, 2010

Help Settle A Debate

This debate has been going on for about a year in our house and I'd like you all to help settle it. Are bow ties a no or a go? Doug is suddenly loving bow ties and I'm not a fan. Whenever I picture men in bowties, this is what comes to mind...

Nerdy Professors

Thunder From Down Under

Pee Wee Herman


There are definitely times that call for a bow tie weddings and formal events. Even then, the bow tie still looks best at the end of the night when it is untied and hanging from the neck. I just feel like they don't fit in everyday at the office (especially if you're younger than 65).

There might be one exception...

Pierce Brosnan (he can wear whatever he wants)

So, please help settle the debate.


  1. Maybe you should post a big of Doug with a bow tie on... :D

  2. Sorry, Doug. This was easy. I sort of picture some weird pervert making balloon animals when I think of bow ties.