Monday, August 16, 2010

New Gig

I'm in a rut. Well, maybe a few ruts. I'm getting tired of living in NYC, but the thought of moving away makes me kind of sad. I'm tired of my job, but the thought of moving on makes me nervous. I'm psyched to be back to running and training with no injuries, yet I feel like I want a sport change. Why is it that when one thing starts going downhill, everything else goes with it? Likewise, when things are going well, it's all roses. Call me Debbie Downer, because I know things could be much worse, and really, my life's not bad at all...I have a great hubby, great friends, family, furry kids, a stable job, a fun apartment and tons more. But, for some reason I want something different. It's kind of like eating dinner and feeling full, but not being sated.

I always say, unless you're going to do anything about it, then quit bitching. So, here's what I'm going to do about it.

Convince Doug to move to New Zealand for a few years

We would open a bed and breakfast

Then after our B&B started doing well enough, we could paddle around all day

And then we could ski all winter long

Will you all come visit?

Do you ever go through periods where nothing seems to make you content? What do you do to shake it?


  1. Yes. Today was a shitty day for me, too. I've not "shook it" yet, but it does feel better that someone else is in a rut with me.

  2. I've been feeling this exact same way for the past 2 weeks!

  3. We are looking a big change here... So, right now, I'm all changed out... (NO, I'M NOT PREGO!!! :D) But I'm pretty sure I would love to be your housekeeper while in New Zealand! :D

  4. I get like this all the time, too. Time usually helps it pass but I like having something to look forward to. Like a trip to NYC with friends this spring. :)

    It happens with me and exercise as well. I haven't run once since the marathon in June and it's been such a nice change. I've been doing everything BUT running and it makes me look forward to running again...someday.

    Go do something for someone else and take the attention off all the stuff that's bugging you. It will help.

  5. haha. I love that you want to paddle around all day in NZ! Ryan must be going through one of these phases...he wants to move to a farm!!! Yeah, that would make our life easier. Chores 12 hours a day? Anyway, if the b&b doesn't pan out, maybe you should move to Monteray, CA and take up road biking. :-)

  6. Leah, that sounds like a perfect plan! Monterrey is one of my favorite places!! And we've biked all over that area. Maybe we should plan a biking trip out there!