Monday, May 9, 2011

Good trade

Instead of doing the 100 mile bike race this weekend that I had signed up for a long time ago, I traded it in for an awesome trail run with two of my favorite people (yes, I consider my dogs people). My legs haven't been feeling up to par since the marathon a few weeks ago, so I decided a relaxing weekend at home sounded much better than a bike race that I totally wasn't prepared for.

Doug and I ride this trail on mountain bikes a lot, it's a 10 mile loop, so on bikes we do it a couple times. But we decided to bring Zoe along and she wouldn't be able to keep up with our bikes, so we ran it. The best part are the lookouts and the stream crossings. (Ciena didn't want to come, she thought we sounded like crazy people, so she stayed home and napped. Lazy dog.)

Zoe being shy

Views from the top

One of many stream crossing because of tons of spring rain

It's weekends like these that I love the most. As much as I like competitions and races (particularly the way I feel when they're finished), it's nice having a weekend with no agenda.

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  1. Those pics are gorgeous! No wonder you like to get out of the dang city on the weekends : )