Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've heard horror stories from a bunch of you mama's about diaper blowouts in public, and while I haven't been able to relate very well in the past, I now think I have a story to match or beat your baby blowout.

Once a week I drive the dogs into the city to take them to their old doggie day care so they can see their old friends and get some energy out. Last night, I picked the girls up and we started walking the few blocks back to our car. Zoe, pulled off to a dirt patch to go #2, unfortunately, she didn't get it all out. She started running around in circles, rubbing her butt on the ground, trying to get the "hanger" off. Meanwhile, Ciena is chasing her, thinking they're playing and I'm getting tangled up in the middle of all of this - on a busy city block nonetheless. So after watching Zoe unsuccessful detach the poop, I grabbed one of our poop bags and had to help her. Now, it's bad enough, that people are watching me do this, but the worst part was she must have eaten long grass on our walk that morning because when I pulled the poop, a long string of grass came out with it and was the reason it wasn't coming off on it's own. Once I resolved that situation, I realized she was a mess, poop all over her. When we got back to the car, I remembered that I had some sanitizing hand wipes in the glove compartmen, and had to use them like a mom would on the butt of her kid. Ewww.

I think I reached the ultimate low of being a dog owner. It doesn't matter how bad a kid's blowout is, people get it, when you are wiping your dog's ass on the side of a street, it's a little harder to explain.


  1. Kelli, That's a riot!!! Scout had a blow-out the other day... It had a runny something and it splattered back at him. Thankfully, I don't live in the city so I was able to hose him down before I got in the house. I'm sure the stares were probably awesome!!

  2. Man, Kelli you kill me! I agree the dog situation tops any kid blowout.