Monday, June 6, 2011

Black Bear Tri

My favorite triathlon was held this weekend and I did it for the 5th year in a row. Doug usually does it with me, but because of his crazy travel schedule as of late, he bailed and just came to be my paparazzi.

The course for this race is definitely the highlight. It's in a State Park about 30 minutes from our lake house in the Poconos, making race morning a relative breeze. The water is so clear you can see the plants at the bottom and the feet in front of you. The bike course is ridiculously hilly, like 2,000 ft. of climbing in 24 miles. And the run is all on can you beat that?!

Here is my story in pictures.

The water was a chilly 64 degrees, so wetsuits were a must. Once I got numb, everything was golden.

Like I said, the bike course was hilly. Even getting out of transition was a big hill.

A closer look at stank face

Legs on fire after the mountain climb on the bike

But I sprinted to the end and "chicked" that dude.

Pretty great day...I took 1st in my age group and beat my time by a couple of minutes from last year. Check out the size of this medal - are you kidding me? I would have rather saved $10 on my race entry.


  1. I am so happy you said "chicked" and not "graped"! Ok, I lie. It would have been funny to hear that you graped him.

  2. Congratulations champion!!! so proud of you!!