Friday, June 1, 2012

Bike no more

My OB has been really liberal with the activities I can continue to do when pregnant. The only things she has requested I not do is skiing (water or downhill...whoops on the Whistler trip:), horseback riding and mountain biking. Sadly, another item was added to that list on the last visit, no more road biking. Sad face. 

Doug and I went biking last weekend and it was great. Sure we had to stop 3 times in 25 miles for me to jump into the woods and pee, and my lower stomach was pretty cramped by the time we got home, but it felt awesome to be out making my legs work. I'll miss that feeling, but I'll continue running and swimming and everything else-ing until I physically can't anymore. 

The good news is that I don't have to invest in anymore biking clothes. The bad news is I should have way before the last ride.

When I was coming out of the woods on one of the pit stops, Doug was laughing really hard at me and said I looked like I belonged on a porch in deep Appalachia with a cigarette in my mouth. I suppose it was the ill-fitting spandex with the gut hanging out the bottom, but it's hard to know.

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