Monday, July 26, 2010

One Of Those Mornings

Today was one of those days that when the alarm went off, I turned over, convinced myself I needed the sleep more than a run and then turned it off. I hate when I do that because usually I could use the run more than the sleep, but sometimes it turns out okay.

I decided to make up the run I missed this morning and went after work, even though it was still hot out and I was hungry for dinner. Every once in a while I have a run that makes me so happy that I feel like I should just keep going...tonight was one of those nights. On my way up the river I saw a group of about 30 people standing watching something on the pier, so I stopped to see what they were watching. A guy was down on one knee proposing to his girlfriend after leading her through an obstacle course of flowers, candles and boxes...the last box had the ring! Everyone started clapping and some people were wiping their tears away.

Further up the river I saw two old guys smoking cigars on a bench laughing, a mom teaching her son how to ride a bike, a dad playing catch with his daughter, a chocolate lab puppy that melted my heart and a ballroom dance class waltzing on the pier. My body felt healthy and strong and I was smiling from ear to ear.

As I ran home watching the sunset over the Hudson River I was glad I turned off my alarm this morning.


  1. Do you need David's piano playing in the background here?

    But, I do agree. Some runs are just better than others.

  2. Glad you slept in, too. My best runs are usually later in the day, too although it's hard to get those in sometimes.