Friday, July 30, 2010


One of the perks of my job is that I get sent a lot of samples from the vendors we work with. They'll send me a new running shirt or pair of shoes, I run in it and tell them what I think, a new pair of headphones, sure I'll test them out...a new energy bar, mmm, lunch. So, all in all, it's great, especially because I get to keep everything.

This week I got one of the stranger samples I've ever seen.

Introducing...The Whiz Freedom Kit for Women! "Allowing women to wee standing or sitting indoors or outdoors whenever they choose."

"No need to undress - discreet use"
"Liquid repellant, flick to dry"
"Machine Washable"

Some additional images in case you had a hard time visualizing how it should be used

I'd be willing to pass along this sample to you if you want to try it out, just comment below. If you're too embarrassed to say you want to try it out, you can order one for yourself at If no one claims it, I think I will wrap it up and give it to my sister for Christmas.


  1. I'm pretty sure that I would rather pee all over my shorts or down my leg than try and use that in the woods... :D

  2. Ummmm I wouldn't use that in the woods I would freaking use that thing in the car. Ever been on a road trip with two toddlers who FINALLY fell asleep but now you have to pee? I've considered reaching in the back and using a freaking diaper just to keep them from waking up by pulling over. I think this is genius.

    All I'd need is a water bottle...

  3. I thought the same thing use! Ever been stuck in NYC bridge or tunnel traffic after having a 32 ounce diet coke? Yeah, you tell your driver (hubby) to turn away while you refill your 32 oz cup. The whiz kit would make it soooo much easier.