Monday, January 17, 2011


There's blog reading and then there is blog stalking, peeing-tom style. I read my friends blogs to keep up with the latest happens (and mis-happenings!), I comment when I feel I have something to add and I share it with other my friends when something really catches my eye. Other than friends' blogs, I read all sorts of other blogs, mainly, running and food blogs and most of them I have no connection to the author. I thought I would share a few of my fav's that I check in on every once in a while (or once a day...told you...creepy). I figure if you are reading it too, then I'm not lurking behind the scenes by myself;)

- This girl is a bad a$$ marathons on back to back weekends 5 weeks in a row and PR'ing on the last one. Plus she's funny and doesn't take herself too seriously.

- Another runner, but a total wacko (in a good way). Just today she ran a marathon on a treadmill. She's training for Boston and hoping to do a 2:50...yikes! (Also, she's from UT...Provo, UT. )

- This chica eats only "real" food and her grub spreads are always very inventive and healthy.

There are more, but these are my top 3. What random blogs to you follow? Do any of you read any of these?

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