Monday, January 10, 2011

Utah part deux

For Christmas, Doug got me a plane ticket back to SL,UT to visit the fam because we didn't get enough quality time over the holidays. We skied, snowshoed, x-country skied and chilled a bit. Here are a few pics of our adventures...including what may be one of the funniest videos ever. I pee myself every time I watch it.

Blue bird Alta day

Sparkly snow

Mama and Greg

Snowshoe Adventure

Dream house in the woods

Whitney Kardashian (with Ducky McGee)

This video makes it obvious who I inherited my diving skills from...


  1. Did we take for granted how beautiful our state was when we were growing up? I think so. Gorgeous pictures.

    I love the Frosts.

  2. Yeah, he slipped. For some reason he really wanted to do a front flip into the ravine full of snow. Haha.

  3. Thinking of Christmas...Ryan's parents broke out all their old family videos on Christmas night. I saw YOU and Lindsey in them!!! Ha. It was the state diving tournament. A girl from PC named Tessa (who should have taken state in 3A) did a mis-dive on her last dive, which made Ryan's sister win instead. You all must have been better friends with Tessa because none of you looked too happy about it. Haha. Oh funny.

  4. That's so crazy Leah!! I would love to see some of those old videos! Not true...we actually liked Erin a lot, but we probably knew that Tessa wouldn't handle the loss very well:)