Tuesday, January 18, 2011

iPhone Photo Dump

I love going back and looking at some of the random pictures I have taken on my phone, so when I synced up my phone today, I decided to dump some of them on my blog. Enjoy...or don't.


Attack of the subway

Kelli Nay-Nay

Oh so brave husband fighting off a snake with a ski pole

Lower Manhattan

Perfect, post-race nap

Goodnight Sun

Izzy, my love, I miss you

Fall seems like so long ago

Can't we all just get along?

Reading Runner's World is an exercise in itself

It's not just 7 years for every human year

Testing out a pair of pants for Flylow

Oh, hey Jake...visit me at work anytime

Hey Whit - Heels or Boots? "Heels for sure"

Wanna fight drunk octopus?

I want a commuting buddy

Do the dump, I'd love to see your randomness.


  1. I love this. Good choice on the heels. And I don't believe that dog age poster. Albert is not that old.

  2. OK, I just got sucked in to your blog . . . Holly is right, you live the life! And I too, will secretly pretend your big city adventures are my own.

    It seems like just yesterday we were playing soccer together at THS. And you were 15 years old.

    And I agree with Lindsay (and Whit), go with the heels! Legs like yours should never be hidden underneath boots.

  3. HEELS! HEELS! Check out those calves.

    I love where Church St. meets Gay St. That's heavy stuff.

    If I had an iPhone I would dump for you. Maybe I'll dump Tod's on my blog...the thought sort of scares me.